Public transport nightmare for the greater Montreal area

For the people living on the North Shore and the South Shore of Montreal, it’s an adventure every day to go to work or school in the big city. I should know, I have been of those people since I started college many years ago and now to work. For those taking public transport, it already can be a nightmare and it’s about to get worse.

For some, they must get up at dawn to drive to the train. I don’t even take the train and have to be up before dawn to beat the road traffic. Many public transport users take the train to the subway station. Then finally take the subway to work. At the end of the day, they do the reverse journey to get home. I’m lucky not to do this anymore, but many of my friends and coworkers still do.

Many hours of sleep are cut off each year, no matter how you get to work. For those taking public transport, the situation is not going get better as we have just learned that the construction work of the Metropolitan Express Network will lead to many delays on train lines serving the North Shore, the South Shore and the West Island.

The Metropolitan Express Network is a new integrated network connecting downtown Montreal, the South Shore, the West Island, the North Shore, and the airport. This mega public transit project should see the light of day in 2021. It should significantly improve the public transit system in the Montreal metropolitan area by adding 26 new train stations.

Until the construction work is completed, the public transport users will have to prepare to live a real ordeal. From January 2020, users will experience delays of 25 to 45 minutes during their trips. Considering how long it takes people to get to work already, this is going to be ridiculous. I hope many of them will have the option to work from home during this time.

The lines of Deux-Montagnes and Mascouche will be the most affected while the trip will take twice as long. During the construction work, 4 stations of the Deux-Montagne line will be closed for 2 years and in 2021!
People using these stations will have to transfer in reserved buses and shuttles which will be put in place to transport to the nearest metro stations. At least, it was announced that those who will see their travel time lengthened will benefit from a 30% discount on their rates.


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