You don’t owe nice guys a chance

Contrary to what you may here, you don’t owe nice guys a chance. Real nice guys don’t claim that they deserve your consideration for being so nice. Manipulative self-proclaim nice guys do.

We hear this not just from self-proclaimed nice guys, but also from other people who give us relationship advice. We often hear that women only like bad boys. Funny, I’m a woman and I never been attracted to bad boys. We also often hear that the reason why you are unhappy in love is because you don’t give nice guys a chance. Maybe it’s because you haven’t met the right match yet.

Just because someone is nice, doesn’t mean that they are the right match for you. You may have nothing in common. You may lack physical attraction. You really shouldn’t date anyone you don’t want to just to be nice or because you feel bad for them.

Someone who tries to guilt you into a date because they are a self-proclaim nice guy isn’t being nice.


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