Teach your children to save

April 12th is teach your children to save day. Honestly, I need to learn this lesson myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation.

Our finances are extremely tight lately because of my health issues. I had to take some time off and what the insurance company covers is much less than I expected or at least, a lot slower to pay than expected.

We currently don’t make enough between the two of us to pay for all our bills. That’s not good. I know this situation will change soon as I am currently in progressive return to work. We will have to be very wise with our finances until we get back on our feet.

Teach your children how to save. It is good for everyone to learn about budgeting and saving money. The sooner the better. This is definitely one of those life skills that should be taught in high school. Especially since our justice system is unfair to people who are poor.


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