It can be difficult to prove you’re alive

It can be difficult to prove you’re alive once you are declared dead. I know it sounds weird, but for a Canadian woman, Saadia Behilil, it’s all too real.

She quit her job at the bank and left on good terms. She had given them her 2 weeks’ notice.  Just like many of us have done in the past. Unfortunately, someone working in the human resources department made a mistake by checking off deceased instead of resigned on the paperwork. It’s a small clerical mistake with big financial consequences.

Imagine receiving notice by the mail addressed to your estate and learning that you have been declared deceased. You may think at first read that it’s funny, but this mistake resulted in all of her financial assets being frozen. This includes her bank accounts, her stocks, insurance and other financial records. This is the normal procedure when someone dies. Being incorrectly tagged as dead can be devastating.

The problem is that she wasn’t quite dead yet and she needed access to her bank accounts in order to survive. Unfortunately, in this world, we all need money to pay rent/mortgage, food, clothes, etc.

Although her employer assured her that the mistake would be corrected within 2 business day, it’s a lot more difficult than that once you are declared dead. Like anything when dealing with the government, there is a lot of red tape and some delays. They were able to rectify the issue in the end and Behilil was able to regain access to her bank accounts and other financial services. So it’s an adventure with a happy ending, thankfully.


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