Always Exhausted

We are chronic illness sufferers. Of course we are always exhausted, no matter how many hours we sleep and naps we take. Our bodies are in constant pain and that’s exhausting. We are constantly fighting against this pain to have a life and that’s exhausting.

Our bodies are hurting all over even on good days, even when we are smiling, etc. We might be able to join in activities with others on a good day, but it will likely take a week to recover. That recovery time isn’t pleasant. Many of us are afraid of taking advantage of good days because we can’t afford to miss work.

People in general are very understand and compassion about this for a while, but then they wonder why I’m still exhausted, why I’m not performing at the same level as others or why I’m not cured yet. They don’t seem to realize that have an incurable chronic illness means that the battle is forever.

Some people accuses us of faking for attention or out of laziness. Others assume that we have low pain tolerance and it’s not that bad. We take numerous medication and deal with their side effects. Friends leave us because they can’t handle our illnesses. We are no longer able to do the things we love. We risk losing our jobs and our lifestyle. Many of us end up in living in poverty. We are constantly being judge negatively by others. Why in the world would we “fake” an illness for that? It simply doesn’t make any sense.

This is what living with chronic illnesses is like.


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