Dial down your expectations of yourself

Are you struggling? Dial down your expectations of yourself.  You will feel a bit of relief. Some of the weight on your shoulders will feel lighter. When you are struggling, you should soften your expectations of yourself and others. You should also take better care of yourself. Doing so will ensure you get through this time without fizzling out your inner light.

A lot of the struggles we face are cause by the expectations we put on ourselves. We have a picture in our minds of what our lives should look like and we push ourselves in that direction.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought it would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living. – Rachel Marie Martin

It’s not always easy to dial down our expectations, yet it is imperative. Living in the present, will help you greatly with this.

“You don’t have to decide what to do with your life; You only have to decide what to do today.” – Unknown


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