Organ donation

In this national organ donation week, I would like to remind you of the possibility of including a donation clause in your will. I had honestly didn’t think about that, but it makes perfect sense.

It is important to discuss your willingness to donate with your loved ones. Every opportunity to donate is precious and represents a gesture of inestimable value.

I personally know someone whose life was saved through such a donation and I will eternally grateful to that stranger for taking the steps and thinking of others. I know that not everyone can donate. Some chronic illnesses such as Diabetes type 1 make us ineligible. If you are unsure, have the conversation with your doctor.

3 ways to signify your consent to organ donation:

  1. Sign the Consent for Organ and Tissue Donation form from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.
  2. Sign the sticker and affix it to the back of your health insurance card.
  3. Have your consent registered in your will.

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