Young people do get chronic illnesses

Many believe that young people can’t get chronic illnesses. That somehow, youth protects you from illnesses. The truth is that you can develop a chronic illness at any age. Chronic illnesses don’t discriminate.

Unfortunately, many children suffering from chronic pain will often be dismissed as growing pain that’s going to go away, but it never does.

Chronic illness put people in a different place in life than everyone else their age. Denying that they have an illness because they are too young to be this sick, only makes them feel ashamed. Having a chronic illness is nothing to be ashamed about.

Unfortunately, until you live with chronic pain every single day of your life, you will never truly understand the struggle. Because of this, our pain is often dismissed or diminished. It is easier to believe that the person in front of you is exaggerating. We make up excuses to say that it’s not possible.

“To those writers who have bullied and body shamed me throughout the years because I am an ‘artist’ and am supposed to fit some image you have in mind of the typical ‘rock-star’ — shame on you. I honestly hope you never have to deal with chronic pain — though it would certainly make you think twice before judging another’s way of life, especially when you have no idea of the details of their struggle.” – Dan Reynolds


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