More productive at home

It is an unfortunate truth, but some days I am more productive at home than at the office. If I am having a rough day due to my chronic illness, it is much easier on me to stay home in comfortable clothing with my laptop to work. My work desk at home is only steps away from my bed. My chair is much more comfortable than the one I have at the office and I don’t have to worry about looking professional.

The stress of getting ready in the morning and getting to work. Then sitting in my chair with fluorescent lights drains me. That’s why I’ve requested that the fluorescent lights directly over my desk not be replaced. Often making it to work leaves me more miserable than productive in the office.

Letting me stay home but available and working is often better. It’s better for my health and it better for my mental health since I can be more productive.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this is impossible. We either work for a company that does not have the technology to allow work from home or we have the type of jobs that requires us to be physically present at work. Some of us are refused work from home because of the lack of productivity in the office, not understanding that it’s because of our illnesses and that we would do better at home. Some employers refuse because of the jealousy issue it causes in the office with other employees who would like to work at home, but are perfectly healthy.


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