You are going to laugh at me again!

Well, you are going to laugh at me again! I was home alone, still working part time due to my chronic illness and my mental health. I was working on my computer looking for inspiration for my next blog post, when I found it in the least expected place.

From the corner of my eye, I saw an SUV parked across the street in front of the mail boxes, but the man who got out walked on our land looking at the house. I got up to get my phone and take a picture, but he walk away, got in his SUV and left. I went to check if it was a delivery, but there was nothing left in our mail box or on the ground. That’s when my anxiety kicked in.

Anxiety stirs up feelings of fear or worry that can sometimes feel debilitating. I didn’t want to give it any power, so I forced myself to think about the best possible reason for a stranger to be on our land and not ring the doorbell. My mind thought that maybe the neighbour complained because we have a full trashcan that is stuck in the ice and haven’t been able to put on the side of the street. That was my best case scenario. The others lurking just under the surface was someone is casing the house, or someone wants to kidnap our kids.

My husband told me it couldn’t be the city or they would have rang the doorbell when they saw me. That’s when those fear took over. I lost control over my anxiety. I started having issues breathing and I was trembling. Now what? What can we do against some stranger wanting us harm? I don’t have a proper description of the man, the SUV and I didn’t have the license plate number. I started berating myself for not being quicker to react.

Turns out I was wrong on all counts. It was my husband’s uncle, who used to own our home, who came by to look into our mailbox next to the front door to see if they had any mail. They made their change of address, but some places still get it wrong and send it at our house. He comes by from time to time. I should have known this, but my anxiety took over and I didn’t think of him has a possible candidate.

Now I’m laughing at myself feeling relieved.


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