Strong and Healthy Boundaries

Introverts always exercises strong and healthy boundaries.

Strong and healthy boundaries help us feel safe. They help us define that imaginary line in the sand between us and other people. The more we know who we are, the more authentic we can be. Introverts are able to understand themselves perfectly, and this allows them to set clear ideals and strong values. They know that they are never alone, as even if they are the last person on earth, they have themselves.

“Sorry, I can’t go out tonight. I promised my dog we’d watch Netflix together.” – Someecards

Therefore, introverts will respect their boundaries and those of others, and they will let you know if you are about to cross them. In the end, if you are not faithful to yourself, you cannot be faithful to anyone.

Set personal limits on what you’ll do for people. If a commitment will keep you from taking care of yourself, say no to it.


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