Don’t spread negativity

Don’t spread negativity

If someone approaches you with a rumour, a devaluing comment about another person, an offensive criticism of foreign behaviour, the best is to keep it to ourselves. Let’s build a barrier against negativity and refuse to pass it along without explanation and proof.

#rumors - TopicsWithPassion.blogEmpathy plays a central role in human relationships. It is defined by our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another person, to recognize his thoughts and feelings, and to provide an appropriate emotional response.

Have you ever wondered what trace leaves our passage on earth? I know I do. That is why I strive to build a barrier against negativity. I don’t spread negativity. Why I try to let empathy play a central role in my relationships and my decisions.

Have you ever wondered if a single life can actually have an effect on the world, or if the things we do have any importance?

I know it can. I believe that one person can change the lives of many others for better or for worse.

It’s a lesson for us all that if you are being treated unfairly, you have to speak up or risk being forever silenced.


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