Learning history is important

Learning history is important. I had history is school and now my children have history in school. Unfortunately, it’s far from complete when it comes to our own country’s history. We only teach the good sides and tend to brush our troubled past under the rug.

Learning history is important. I never attended school in other countries, but from what I heard from my  American friends, it seems that at least teach about their troubled past like slavery and the genocide of natives.  In Canada, I was in school never taught a thing about residential schools or the Indian act not allowing natives off the reserve without permission and all the other horrible things that act entails.

“Canadian schools they don’t teach people the history of Canada, they teach people the mythology of Canada. This is dangerous because the mythology they teach becomes basis for white supremacy and fascism in Canada; Pride in a fake history taught to us by the status quo.” – Clara Sorrenti


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