Depression and anxiety are a challenging

Depression and anxiety are a challenging.  Depression and anxiety can convince you that everyone in your life secretly hate you. I remember during a really bad episode as a teenager, I was convince that my own parents didn’t want me. There is nothing further from the truth. No matter how much you believe everyone hates you, they love you. I know it’s extremely difficult to believe it, but you are loved.

Depression and anxiety are a challenging. Many people find support and even skills by seeing a therapist and taking anti-depression medication. Even if you tried a therapist and it wasn’t a good fit, keep looking. The same goes for medication. There are therapists that have some training in supporting people mental illness.

Depression and anxiety can convince you that your spouse and even your children would be better without you. It is so easy to think that your mental illnesses are too much of a burden. It is easy to think that they would have an easier life without you. The truth is that they are terrified that you will one day leave or do something that everyone will regret.  The truth is that they love you and are ready to carry all the baggage and weight that comes with mental illness, because they is so much more to you than your illness.  They would not be happier without you. I’ve asked the same question to my husband numerous times. Every time, he has shown me that he’s more terrified of losing me than I am of being a burden.

“Hey you. Yes, you. Gentle reminder that you’re bad-ass and beautifully human for getting up, showing up, and facing whatever demons are trying to destroy you. –


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