Spring Cleaning Your Blog

I am currently and have been for a few weeks now doing spring cleaning of my blog.

Spring Cleaning SEO

What I mean by that is that I’m going through my older blog posts, making sure that the SEO is adequate. As we go along as bloggers we learn new tricks, the online world changes and it doesn’t hurt to bring your site up to date. Most blogs start with a dream and very little knowledge about SEO.

Improving your Writing

I’m fixing some of the writing issues. I’ve realized that writing regularly has helped my English develop. That’s a great side effect of blogging. I love learning and improving.

I’m also revisiting blogs that didn’t get the attention it should have received and applying the knowledge I have learned since writing them to improve and bring new life.

Doing spring cleaning is good for you website. It let’s Google and other search engines see that your site is still current and active. For bloggers, it can be easy to dismiss blog articles once they are published. The truth is that going back can help the overall status of your site.


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