Schizophrenia doesn’t equal violence

People affected by schizophrenia are not at all a reflection of the stigma and portrayal that is socially attached to them. Schizophrenia doesn’t equal violence.

On a daily basis, via news media, television shows and movies they are singled out and portrayed as dangerous, violent and unstable. This diagnosis is almost always given to individuals and fictional characters who commit crimes. Constant misinformation occurs about this mental health condition. In addition, in the movies and sometimes the media, immense disinformation is present and “mixes” the schizophrenia disorder with the dissociative disorder of the personality, which also increases the prejudices and misunderstanding of these two distinctive mental health disorders.

The reality is, however, contrary to all these prejudices. In fact, it is the schizophrenic people who are most at risk of being themselves victims of criminal acts. The fact that this diagnosis is so demonized makes them all the more vulnerable, since they are highly marginalized and stigmatized.

It is necessary to stop spreading these prejudices, which greatly affect their living conditions.

Schizophrenia doesn’t equal violence.


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  1. Great point. I really hate it when people automatically link violence with a mental disorder. There are a lot more people who commit crimes because of passion and greed.

  2. schizophrenic prophet who scored in the top 10% of the nation on the ged writes thousands of pages and calls it “the schizophrenic bible” this book has the ability to stop psychotropic voices in the future I don’t believe in terrorism and I’m being funded by the military I was in the submarine force less intelligent people do not realize their ignorance
    This must be studied and processed
    The whole fate of the world is in our hands I have finished writing it my life is in danger I will fall asleep at my desk
    You get a chance
    Some people get a choice
    Some people like me don’t get a choice
    So this is what I chose
    Vote no to incompetent handlers
    Vote no to forced handlers
    Driving schizophrenics insane is not a good idea
    Don’t be a coward.
    In the name of Jesus Christ amen

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