Introverts make the most loyal of friends

Introverts do not crave for the company of others the way many do. However, once they get to like someone and want them as a close friend, they become the most loyal of friends you can find. For example, my best friend from high school is still my best friend to this day. This means we’ve been sharing our paths, worries and hopes for almost 3 decades. Yes, I’m getting old. 😛

Introverts know how to value their worth. If they find you to be worthy of being their friend, they will gladly give an arm for you when necessary. They exercise their loyalty in all fields in life, be it relationships, work, family, but once they’ve decided to move on there is no looking backwards.

Please remember that individuals who are loud, who are vocal about their friendships isn’t has valuable as someone who is quiet and who demonstrates their friendship through actions.

Most of all remember that introversion is something to be valued. It is a gift.  It’s not something that needs fixing.


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