Are you a creative person?

If you are a creative person, the right hemisphere of your brain is very active. You have a lot of innovative ideas. When you face a difficult situation, you trust your intuition instead of relying on critical thinking.

You know perfectly well that every step you take in your life is a lesson for you. You understand that even if you lose, it means that you are moving towards the success of your goals. For creative people, the trip is more important than the goal.

People with creativity are dreamers. You often lose yourself in your own paradise. It is essential to keep your feet on Earth from time to time, to be aware of reality and to pay a little more attention to the world around you.

The creative personality


You do things spontaneously. You have the ability to see everything in a different way compared to other people.


You worry a lot for everything. You spend a lot of time thinking and acting based on your feelings.


You do not make the list of the tasks to be carried out and you do not respect the rules. You solve problems intuitively.

Remember that the two hemispheres of the brain do not work in isolation. They do work together and complement each other. So, although creative people have more characteristics of one of the hemispheres, it is also possible that you have characteristics of the other hemisphere.


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