Hopes for the future

My daughter shared a story with me, which I am now sharing with you. It is the kind of stories we don’t hear enough about. The kind that gives us hopes for the future. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

She was in class waiting for the substitute teacher to arrive. Students were taking their seats and talking among each other. A friend, let’s call her Theodora, was talking about the future and how she wanted a family and children, but wanted to work towards a career first.

A male student, let’s call him Jaymes, who had just arrived and overheard only part of the conversation, asked “Are you pregnant?”

This put Theodora in an uncomfortable situation. She was quick explained that she was talking about the future not the present. Most students understand how quickly gossip spreads and how it can get out of control.

Jaymes dismissed Theodora’s explanation and made a rape joke to explain her sudden pregnancy. That student effectively turned an already uncomfortable situation into an even creepier one. Everyone in the class reacted to the joke, including other male students. No one laughed at the joke. Everyone agreed that the joke wasn’t funny and that no one should be taking rape lightly.  

The boy defended himself by saying that other people made jokes about gays and that was funny. The other students explained that making jokes about rape or gays isn’t funny. One boy went as far as saying, if you insist on making that kind of jokes, we can’t be friends anymore.

That conversation would not have happened when I was in high school. People would have laughed even if they didn’t agree with it. It’s amazing to see the progress. It gives me hopes for the future.


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  1. That’s amazing how things have changed. This would not have happened in my time at school. School was rather cruel.

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