Is your driving monster sexist?

Is your driving monster sexist? First, let me explain why I refer to the anger we feel behind the wheel has the driving monster. Many years ago, when my daughter was very young, she used to refer to anger behind the wheel as the driving monster. I liked the term and kept using it.

Living in a urban area usually means having to deal with traffic, constructions and numerous driving frustrations. Most of us have to deal with this day in and day out as we make our way to work and back home in the evening.

I know that for many of us, that drive includes getting angry at bad drivers, male or female. What I have noticed is that there is often a difference between how this anger shows up depending on the sexes of the driver. I’ve also noticed that this difference is often subconscious. In other words, the driver doesn’t even realize it.

Take a moment to observe the words that you shout out in anger while driving. Do you tend to complain about male drivers differently and when it’s a woman? Do you tend to shout “Keep your lane!” or “Learn how to drive” when it’s a man and “You fucking bitch!” or “Stay at home” when it’s a women?

I think that it is easy to loose prospective when we are angry. The problem is that children and passengers are listening. What message do you think this difference is passing on to your kids and spouse? You may not have noticed that you react differently depending on the sexes of the driver, but they have.


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