Women’s rights aren’t secondary

Women’s rights aren’t secondary. They are human rights. Women’s rights and needs cannot be an afterthought the instant there is an emergency. They have as much rights as men to food, shelter and safety.

A lot of very chauvinistic individuals out there that we are not allowed to criticize. Walking on eggshells ain’t gonna change anything. Many say that this is a new world, where men aren’t allowed to do anything. That’s not true either. Women have always wanted to be respected. The fact that we are demanding laws to reflect this isn’t new.

Social norms have not changed. We never liked you touching us without our permission. So please stop convincing yourself that it’s a new world. It’s the same world, I just don’t have to lose a job for telling you to get your hands off me.


Women in emergency situation need not to afraid to ask for help from any country in the world. We need to pull together for our fellow human beings. This applies whether they need safe place to go to with children or not.

Women of this world need to stand strong. That starts right here at home. When you see a women that needs help, reach out to her. Can you imagine what would happen if we all do this? Can you imagine how many women are lives be saved? How different it would be if women everywhere knew with certainty that they could be strong for themselves and for their children?


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