Sharing your story

Sharing your story with someone is a sign of strength. Everyone needs their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to be heard and validated, but it can be difficult to share.

As the listener, it is human nature to want to jump in and help fix things, but it may not be a solution that your friend or partner is after.

When I ask you to listen to me and you immediately start giving me advise or jump to my rescue, you are not doing what I asked you to do. I do not need you to fight for me. I can do that all on my own. I just wanted someone to listen. Take a step back and let me lead the way, in my own time.

Sharing your story will help you feel better. Don’t wait until someone might listen. Talk. Speak your truth. Be yourself. People will adjust. If they don’t, they’re not your people. If they try to fix you, explain once that all you need is someone who will listen. If they can’t accept that, then they are not your people either.


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