Geronimo (1829-1909) РThis man is a famous Apache military and spiritual leader. For 30 years he fought Mexican and United States forces looking to expand into Apache territory to protect his tribe’s homeland.

June 16th marks the anniversary of his birth. It’s rare that famous Native Americans birth date are known. Usually we only know for sure the date of their death.

Geronimo grew up in what is present-day Arizona and Mexico. His tribe, the Chiricahua Apaches, clashed with non-Indian settlers trying to take their land.

In 1874, the U.S. government moved Geronimo and his people from their land to a reservation in east-central Arizona. Conditions on the reservation were restrictive and harsh and Geronimo and some of his followers escaped.

He died at Fort Sill on February 17, 1909.

He was a great man who fought for his people. I admire him for that.


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