Let’s celebrate World WiFi Day

Today, June 20th, is World WiFi Day.

Most people know what WiFi is, but that is not the case for everyone. One of my great uncles walked in to Tim Horton one day and saw an add for free WiFi so he asked the cashier if he could try tasting the WiFi sample they were giving out. It’s not nice to laugh, but it was quite hilarious. It shows us how quickly technology is changing and how confusing it can be for someone who didn’t grow up with all of this technology readily available in every household.

Nowadays you can find free WiFi almost everywhere. I personally prefer to stay away from these services. Shopping centres, coffee shops, airport wireless networks are often free, but not necessarily safe. Avoid passing on personal data and passwords. You may have unpleasant surprises. 

Use these services wisely. If you connect for a job search, that’s fine, but avoid connecting to your bank until you have access to a secure network. Don’t do your banking when connected to a free public wifi. It’s too easy to get your information.

If you are connecting via Windows, make sure to turn off file sharing and mark the WiFi connection as a public network. This will further protect you from hackers.

A good trick when it comes to free public WiFi, is that once you are all done using it, make sure to log off any services you were signed into and tell your device to forget the network. Doing this will stop your device from automatically connecting to that free WiFi every time you are in the vicinity.

So if you are out and about today, on World WiFi Day, don’t forget to protect your information from interested third parties.


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