Intimidation ruins life. Intimidation is never okay and it happens far too often. Many people allow themselves and decide to belittle, denigrate and ridicule others, which causes enormous damage to the victims of this verbal and/or physical bullying.

Standing up for those who are targeted is the key to stopping it.

Every day, every morning, students wake up with fear in their stomach, this fear of being insulted, judged, pushed to school. This is the routine every day, the mockery that is said about them, these jokes that are false but hurt them so much.

The consequences of such acts and remarks are horrendous and seriously affect the self-confidence, well-being and living conditions of the victims. By force of hearing them every day they end up believing it. Their self-esteem is destroyed and when it comes to the weekend they finally feel better. Unfortunately, Monday mornings coming quickly so they are never good for long.

These students need help but are often so afraid to talk about it. They fear that speaking up will make things worse. Maybe someone will help them instead of watching without saying anything! But the days pass and nothing changes, they will have to find the courage to stop everything and denounce.

We need to teach or kids that it’s okay to speak up. That standing around doing nothing when you see someone being intimidated makes you complicit in the act.

As adults, let’s stand up to bullying. Children want to feel safe at school. Everyone deserves to be safe and respected.


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