People who do not need us

We must learn to get away from people who do not need us. We must learn to think of ourselves and realize that whatever happens, we are the only ones who are indispensable in our lives. All the people who harm us are too much in our environment. If you often use social networks, we are sure you know the “delete a friend” option.

Today, among the young, it is common for friendships to end like that. That does not exist on social networks, does not exist in life. It’s a cold, impersonal way of breaking ties.

What if we take this example? Many of us would realize that we should do the same thing in real life. Sometimes we carry these relationships on our shoulders and they greatly handicap our personal fulfillment.

It’s all about prioritizing and not wasting time and effort with people who do not deserve it.

It is not always easy to realize when we stop being important to a person. Usually we do feel it, but we have been thought to question and suppress our instinct, so we often miss the warning signs.

There are certain friendships that always appear punctually, in the most interested moments. Sometimes they need advice, support, and being listened to. We must therefore pay attention to this type of case. That’s okay as long as they do the same for us.

We give our support, our affection and our understanding to our friends, from the moment when there is a reciprocity. Like any type of relationship, a friendship is based on a sincere exchange of emotions, thoughts, supports, etc.

If you do not feel that these relationships are reciprocal and you see that these people are only looking for you when they want something in exchange, do not have any scruples about setting limits. It’s not about breaking the bond suddenly overnight. In reality, it is enough to tell the truth and to firmly mark the limits.

Do not worry if, during your life, you had to leave a lot of people on your way. In reality, life is moving forward to keep only the essential, what really matters and that completely fills you.


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