We are not faking

We are not faking. We really need to stop assuming the worst of everyone. We’ve become so skeptic of everything and everyone that it’s turning us into bad people. I think we all need a bit more faith in humanity. I know it’s difficult right now.

Many wheelchair users can walk and no that doesn’t mean they’re faking. The same goes for other walking aids. Those with chronic illness aren’t faking being sick. In truth they are always faking feeling better than they actually are to make people around them more comfortable.

I did this every day. I go to work and put on my brave face and deal with people everyday, while actually I was trying not to cry out of pain.

Yesterday, I went shopping. Today, I can’t even move. The pain is so bad, even typing this, I’m overwhelmed with electric shocks and muscle pain all over my body. Every day is different.

We just want to feel better. It’s really difficult to answer the question how are you feeling today when you lost all touch with what normal feels like.

It’s such a beautiful summer day outside. I wish I could be out there feeling the sun on my skin and the warm breeze on my skin. Unfortunately, I can’t move today and can make it that far. Feeling trapped inside your own body is a horrible experience I do not wish on anyone. There is just so much watching television you can do before your brain goes nuts.


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