Children’s Mental Health

Children’s mental health is an issue in Canada and many other countries. Mental illness is a killer disease it harms us to an extend of suicidal thoughts.

I started to ask for help for my child a year ago, but couldn’t get any because she wasn’t depressed enough yet. They waited until she was suicidal to step in and finally offer us some help. Our mental health system seems to be based on crisis. This is unacceptable. This absolutely need to change. The earlier they get help and support the better all around.

How many sleepless nights did we pass together trying to keep her alive before someone with training in mental health stepped in? Way too many. Depression and anxiety, as other mental illness is challenging and we need help.

Nothing else will ever make you as happy, as sad, as tired or as proud as mother hood. For nothing is as hard as helping a person develop their own individuality, while struggling to keep your own.

Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative

Now that she is starting to get better, we are losing a lot of support. It’s too early yet. We have to keep fighting to prove she isn’t okay enough to be left on her own.

Unfortunately so many young children who need regular mental health services feel like no one is listening. It is so frustrating. It’s time to rethink children’s mental health.

I really wish we had more support as parents so we can support our children.

We desperately need to tackle the idea that someone has to hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to receive mental health support. I cannot reiterate enough how vial early-intervention is. You wouldn’t wait for every bone in a persons body to break before you treated their broken arm.

Jodie Goodacre

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