Armpit hair

Why does the mere act of seeing armpit hair of a woman cause so much adversity and disdain in many males?

Have you ever seen raucous hordes of ladies lashing out at a man because he showed his bushy armpits on television or on social media? Why this selective indignation at the exhibition of a simple feminine hair?

Although hair removal is not mandatory, male pressure has almost ended up making it a standard of feminine aesthetics. Women are all supposed to be naturally smooth, hairless creatures apart from the thick, flowing manes of hair on their heads. In other words, we are all supposed to look like perfect Disney princesses.

When behaving in a completely natural way, like having armpit hair, is considered an affront or irritant by others, the undue pressure is never far away. Why not respect the choices of each other to shine or not, even for those that hairy hairs?

Personally, I find that the belief that women are supposed to be hairless extra creepy. Especially when you factor in pubic hair. Women are supposed to remove all signature marks of sexual maturity. We are supposed to keep looking like minors. That’s what is considered attractive. That’s seriously disturbing.

Not all girls are made of sugar and everything nice. Some are made of adventure, dark chocolate, intelligence, cuss words and courage.


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