My Canada 2019

My Canada 2019. Today the entire country is celebrating Canada Day. Although I was born here and so were my ancestors since before Canada even existed, I haven’t always felt so patriotic. This is why I named this post ‘My Canada’. I wanted to share some facts about Canada that makes me proud to live here.

Alberta Families

Cree elders are helping expectant mothers navigate the nerve wracking world of new motherhood.

British Columbia Salmons

For a unique view of the Pacific West Coast’s annual salmon run, grab a wetsuit and let the current carry you downriver. You’ll float past tens of thousands of salmon migrating upriver to spawn and die.

Manitoba Mating Ritual

Each spring, the world’s largest concentration of snakes, up to 150,000 red garters, slither into rock dens for their annual mating ritual. Visitors can pick them up, so long as they’re gentle.

Nova Scotia Tides

When the world’s largest tides back into rivers that feed them, it creates a true tidal wave. Hopping on a raft with an on-board motor to slam into this natural water park is distinctly fun, and uniquely Canadian.

Quebec Winters

Each February, Quebec city hosts the world’s largest winter carnival, where you can ice-raft, dance in ice palaces and watch paddlers race across the cracked-ice soup of the Saint Lawrence River for the annual ice canoe race.

Saskatchewan Forests

Wild aspen forests in the prairies grow straight and tall, unless you visit this mysterious grove, which bend, twist and knot like a Tim Burton movie prop. Blamed on an unexplained genetic mutation.


Canada, the only place in the world where you can say “I’m off to Tim’s” and nobody says,”Tim who?”




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