Psychiatric Hospitalizations

There are strong and violent prejudices surrounding psychiatric hospitalizations. These are extremely toxic to the well-being of those affected by mental health disorders.

Mental health issues are challenging. Mental health issues aren’t a choice and can affect anyone at any time. Most people who have been hospitalized experience extreme guilt and embarrassment about the situation. This leads to low self-esteem and isolation. They do not dare to speak about their experiences, their conditions and their emotions for fear of being judged and stigmatized.

In our society, no individual judges a hospitalized person for a physical condition. So why is it so different and frowned upon to be hospitalized for a mental condition? Because of all the internalized psycho-phobia that is spread on a daily basis.

Mental health disorders are never choices. The use of treatments, therapies and hospitalizations is completely acceptable. It is necessary for many. This is something that should be accessible, available and valued for everyone at all times. A very large number of people suffer in silence and do not receive help because of the biases.

Staying short and / or long-term in a psychiatric hospital, in a help centre, in a crisis centre, in a specialized facility or in a psychiatric emergency should never be considered as shameful, bad, abnormal and weird.

There is no shame in using mental health resources for any reason, no matter what it entails.


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