Children need microbes

Children need microbes to grow up healthy.

The twin children of a friend of mine had to miss a year of school because their immune system wasn’t strong enough to mix with other children. Their immune system did not get proper training because of the elimination of germs in the first years of life of their childhood.

Like most parents, she felt she could never be more careful and cautious than when you aspire to provide your child with a good quality of life. This is probably why today’s parents tend to panic because of any harm that could put the health of their children at risk.

The majority of parents confirm that the safety of their children means keeping any possible harm out of the way. That includes what has become an obsession now to disinfect everything they touch, floors they walk to the playgrounds. It seems that our obsession with germs has exhausted us. They buy expensive sterilizers, disinfectants, antibacterial soaps…

Microbes are essential for the creation of the immune system and they should not be eliminated. In the absence of these essential germs, the cells of our immune system will not have enough information to accomplish their task, so they will not be ready when harmful germs attack the body.

Parenting is challenging. We need to encourage children to spend more time outdoors and connect with the natural ecosystem they need to strengthen their bodies. That goes for adults too.

Children need microbes to grow up healthy. Our bodies need germs to function properly and their elimination means the elimination of an essential part of our natural functioning. Do not put your child on antibiotics unless the doctor prescribes it, do not buy antibacterial soaps and keep in mind that the earth could be healthy.


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