Picking yourself up

Picking yourself up after a fall isn’t easy. It can make you run and hide under your covers. Admitting that you failed and fixing things can be embarrassing. It’s also necessary for growth.

I fell off the map after a family crisis. Everything stopped to take care of that crisis, even taking care of myself. Now is time to change that. I took doctor’s appointments. I will have to explain why I didn’t show up for the last few months. Why I lost the paperwork for blood tests. I don’t look forward to it. I have to put my grownup pants on and do this in order to get my life back on track.

Some will judge me, saying I should never had forgotten to take care of myself. I know that in time of crisis, you are supposed to think about your own safety first. It is okay to be a little selfish no matter what happens in your life, but that didn’t happen this time.

Some will understand. Probably those who have been through a lot and understand that sometimes you can only concentrate or survive one thing at a time.

In a time, when self-help and self-care is at the centre of so many discussion, I wanted to make sure you knew it’s okay to trip. You are not alone. You don’t need to feel guilty for doing what you needed to survive.

Picking yourself up is difficult. Today, I take the first step towards getting my life back on track. I am hoping that this first step is the most difficult one and that I will feel better once I have accomplished it.


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