Nerds & Geeks

Nerds & Geeks. July 5th marks the beginning of ComicCon Montreal. This is bigger than Christmas in our household. Unfortunately, this will be the first year since ComicCon Montreal has started that I won’t be attending due to lack of funds. I’m still going to be there in spirit.

Even after loosing the ability to stand or walk for a very long time, ComicCon is what convince me to use a wheelchair for the first time. That made me realize that I didn’t have to give up on the things I really love because of chronic illness.

What is a geek?

A geek is somebody who is generally very knowledgeable about a particular topic. Some people interchange the words nerds and geeks. I define myself more as a computer and science fiction geek. I also like superheros stories. I think of nerd more as a person who gets really great grades at school and are incredibly knowledgeable in mathematics and/or science.

“Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes.” – John Barrowman


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