Gendered violence

Gendered violence is an issue in Canada. Did you know that in Canada a women or an underage girl is killed every 2 days? 148 women and girls have been killed in 2018 in Canada, the equivalent of one victim every two and a half days, according to a study by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability.

More than 90% of the murderers are men and more than half were in a relationship with the man who killed them. Another 13% were killed by male members of the family (father, brother, uncle, etc.). The greatest threat women face is from men they know. More than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence. The criminal justice system doesn’t always recognize that fact.

Most women end up in prison if they use a gun to protect themselves from abusive male partners. The cruel reality is that our legal system treats most female victims of domestic violence with suspicion, especially when they fight back.

The legal system can make it tricky to speak explicitly about certain cases, especially how they’ve been reported. So I’ll just say that this is a general observation and not in relation to anything specific at all:

* Mental illness doesn’t make men kill women
* Autism doesn’t make men kill women
* Homelessness doesn’t make men kill women

* Drug use doesn’t make someone a less sympathetic victim
* Homelessness doesn’t make someone a less sympathetic victim
* Knowing your killer and leaving a party with them doesn’t make someone a less sympathetic victim

* All women have an equal right to safety, whether they sleep in a mansion or a park

I reckon these are just good rules of thumb to remember, in general, speaking generally.


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