What does it mean to have integrity?

What does it mean to have integrity? People who have integrity is always true to their word. They call you when they says they will. They won’t bail out on you in the last minute because their friends invited them to go to a party with them.

That being said, people who have mental and/or physical illnesses can bail on you last minute due to their health issues. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have integrity.

A person with integrity will not hesitate to apologize honestly when they make a mistake or have to unfortunately disappoint someone.

People who have integrity will not hesitate to highlight other people’s achievements without feeling like they have to make their own outshine everyone else. They have enough confidence in themselves. They don’t need to compare themselves with others.

No matter what remember that your emotions are valid, your opinion matters, you are worth of healthy and positive relationship and you are worthy of respect. As soon as you extract yourself from people who drive you into having to internally recite that to yourself, you’ll get a chance to be shown that you are all of the above. You will feel it when it happens.


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