Pool safety

Let’s talk about pool safety. Every summer, we unfortunately hear about children who have drown in residential and public pools. There has been 28 drownings so far this summer. I recently learned that in Canada, drowning is the leading cause of death of children between the age of 1 and 4. This breaks my heart.

Having a pool can be amazing and everyone knows that you have to keep small children within reach at all time, but accidents happen so quickly. Making sure that the pool isn’t reachable, such as a fence with a secure gate, when adults aren’t around. That is a great start.

I find that when family and friends gather around the pool, many think that children will be safe because they are many adults around. It’s easy to get lost in conversation and forget to check on children. That’s why we always have 1 or 2 adults who are responsible for pool safety.

Keep toys away from the pool even if you dont<t

I remember attending swimming class with my daughter. The room was filled with parents and swimming teachers. Yet, a child still managed to wiggle out of his floaters and sink to the bottom without being seen. Thankfully, someone eventually noticed and the child was rescued.

The same safety rules should be applied around natural pools, rivers, lakes, etc.

My kids are now teenagers. They all had swimming classes and followed. water safety program. We also signed them up for first aid training to learn basic lifesaving skills before we got the pool.


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