It’s not the same world our parents grew up in

It’s not the same world our parents grew up in. The internet has grown and changed a lot since it’s creation. It’s has taken a lot more space in our lives.

I met my husband through an online dating site. We would never have crossed paths if it wasn’t for online dating services. He met his best man years prior through an online video game. It’s only natural that our children are making real friends over the internet also. It’s not the same world our parents grew up in. This is not an issue that our parents had to face.

As a parent, the internet can be a scary place where predators are lurking and waiting to pounce on your children. It can be very normal to want to block all strangers from contact with your little ones. The reality is that kids can make real friends through the internet and it’s okay.

Last year, my step daughter met a friend from France who was travelling to visit her sister studying in Canada. This year, my daughter has met a friend from the United States who came to Canada for her summer vacation.

Parents need to be wise and careful. They need to teach their children about online safety, but they also need to monitor. Unfortunately, completely blocking children from technology isn’t the answer. The fact that they are growing up with technology is a strength that they will bring into the workplace when they grow up.

Making sure that the people they are forming friendships with are indeed who they say they are is important. Video chatting is amazing for that.


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