You’re not worthless if you cannot work

You’re not worthless if you cannot work. Your value doesn’t solely depend on what you can and cannot do. This goes both at work and at home. Your value doesn’t solely depend on your level of productivity or on what you can offer to other people. This is something that people tend to forget: you weren’t born to produce. You were born simply to be.

In this era of capitalism where busyness and productivity are held as values, it can be easy to define your worth and value as a human being from how much you can work. Keeping up with the Jones, showing off how much money you can make, doesn’t equal personal value. Your value is your own, it doesn’t depend on anything.

You’re not worthless if you cannot work. Illness can hit anyone at anytime and change everything. It can rob you of many things, but value isn’t one of them. Your life is yours to live. Your dreams are your to dream, no matter what they are. Love and friendship are incredible gifts that aren’t based on productivity and business success. Health isn’t an indication of value.

Over the last few years, I’ve struggled with this reality. I’ve struggled to keep my job. I’ve struggled to accept that I’m not as quick and productive as I used to be. I’ve struggled to prove that I still offer value to the company. I go home and there is so much to do, but I can’t help. I’ve struggled with my value in the household too because of it. I’ve been so fill of depression and anxiety, doubting what I have to offer at all as a human being, as a spouse and as a mother.

When I struggle the most, I try to take time to remember the things I like and love about life. In the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of the pool water on my skin, birds in the mornings and the way they tease my cats in the windows, etc.


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