Time is a precious gift

Time is a precious gift. What are we doing with our time? Do we really experience it in a smart way? How much of our time are we willing to sell? These are questions that we often answer with our behaviour, but we rarely think about them.

Every morning, your account will be reset and each night, the balance evaporates. There is no turning back. Everyone can invest this figure in what makes him happy: family, success, friends, passions. But remember, you only have one life. Until proven otherwise, it is the only one we have (except from the point of view of faith). The important thing is not how much time you have but what you do with it.

Who is happiest? Is it the one who has the most time or the one who has the most money? Which option would you choose? Have a shorter working day. Could you spend more time with your family, your personal activities, your spouse, etc.? Or, on the contrary, would you rather make more money a day but not be able to spend time on what we just mentioned?

In a perfect world I would choose more time, but bills must be paid and we are barely making it as parents with full time jobs.

Spending free time enjoying what we love brings us more satisfaction in the long run. We are sociable beings (yes, even introverts). We live and nurture relationships, social life, laughter with friends, time with our spouse, our family and doing what we love. We tend to forget that this time passes.

It will happen one day. Time disappears and unfortunately we are not able to know when it will happen. We seek to convince ourselves that we are eternal beings and we waste the opportunity to invest seconds. Time passes, life goes on, let’s live it.

As someone gets older, time takes a bigger position on the priority ladder. Or if you are like me and have seen your health diminish, you know that you don’t have as much quality time as you first imagined you would have.

Time is something we can not recover. It’s up to us and we can decide how we want to invest it. Do not let others decide on your investment in seconds. Do not let time slip between your fingers. Finally, do not let the day come when you regret not having used this time.


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