Would you flash a stranger?

Would you flash a stranger? Sending unsolicited dick pics is the same thing as flashing. It’s just as gross and violating.

Women are tired of receiving dick unsolicited peaks, to be hailed in the street like we are nothing but prey, to be constantly told that our existence is only to satisfy the eyes of guys.

Women can not stand to be considered inferior, to be treated without respect and our consent ignored on all sides all sides.

Women are more than exhausted from being victims and witnesses to verbal, physical and sexual aggression. Yes, sending dick picks and flashing is a form of sexual aggression.

This culture of rape endangers the lives and safety of all women. This toxic masculinity, which is inculcated from an early age, is dangerous and hurts everyone. We are part of this patriarchal system that is rooted in hatred and injustice towards the most marginalized, the same system that at the same time benefits the most privileged, that is, cisgender and heterosexuals white men .

It is important that all cis men, without exception, learn to deconstruct this toxic masculinity that has been transmitted to them. This is done by opening up to the stories of stigmatized people, listening to them, and questioning established norms that things can improve dramatically. Become true allies. Listen, respect and leave room for the people concerned. These struggles are not yours to face, but you play a role more than important. It’s up to you to decide whether you continue your journey in oppressive ignorance or inclusive benevolence.


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