How to handle rejection

Do you know how to handle rejection? Who is not afraid of rejection? Probably this fear lives with you every day, but you are not aware of it.

It’s only natural that our self-esteem is affected when someone rejects us. Some will retreat and lick their wounds. Some will want to lash out. There is a healthier way to handle rejection.

Take care of yourself

The first step is to take care of yourself. You can not avoid rejection, whether you accept it or not. You must succeed in appreciating yourself, valuing yourself, and believing in yourself despite of rejection.

Stay as you are. Don’t let rejection give you the impression you must change who you are. Rejection can weaken you, makes you susceptible, and can lead to depression. You must look at yourself, and know who you are. Do not forget your value. Find out, value yourself, and give yourself the esteem you deserve.

Talk about yourself in a positive light

It is easier for us to see these things in others, be they good or bad. But when it comes to us, what’s going on?

When facing rejection, do not fall into the habit of putting yourself down. Change your speech and talk about yourself. It will help you get better. Rejection causes anxiety, and gives us the impression that we are worthless. To achieve this, you can apply these simple tips:     

  • Determine your strengths     
  • Decide that today is your best day!     
  • Remember that what comes out of your mouth can either heal you or hurt you     
  • Make your internal dialogue something positive

Being sure of yourself is the first step to be taken if you want to keep your head up against all the rejections that we will surely have to face.


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