Some facts about social anxiety disorder

Some facts about anxiety disorder. A social anxiety disorder makes people very uncomfortable in the presence of a group, such as in a classroom or at a party. Social anxiety is really worse than embarrassment, because it keeps you from doing things you love. It can push you to avoid certain places or contexts where you might have to interact with others.

The causes of social anxiety

Social anxiety can stem from fear of the gaze, judgment or criticism of others. It’s unclear why some people struggle with social anxiety while others do not. Possible causes include:     

  • genetics: members of your family may also be experiencing social anxiety;     
  • a situation / experience: social anxiety may develop after a stressful or embarrassing experience or over time.

The signs of social anxiety

Signs of social anxiety disorder include:     

  • fast or irregular heartbeat;     
  • tremors;     
  • an unpleasant feeling;     
  • jigging or tense muscles;     
  • a blush;     
  • dizziness;  
  • stomach ache;     
  • perspiration.

If you have problems at school, dropping your classes, having trouble making friends or keeping them, or worrying about drinking alcohol or drinking use drugs to manage your feelings, consider talking to someone you trust. Kids Help Phone workers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just dial 1 800 668-6868.

How to manage social anxiety

Here are some tips that could help with a social anxiety disorder:     

  • Get Informed: Research more information on social anxiety. If you know the trouble better, you can find ways to handle it.     
  • Make a list: write the triggers that cause your anxiety.     
  • Give yourself credit: if you do something that makes you nervous or anxious, congratulate yourself for trying; to make an effort to conquer your fears requires a lot of courage.     
  • Talk about it: if you talk about it, you will have the opportunity to try to solve the problem with someone else rather than confronting it yourself.

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