Is Juvenile prostitution becoming a very worrying and sickening trend?

Is juvenile prostitution becoming a very worrying and sickening trend? I’m not sure if we are simply hearing more about it or if there is more of it, either way, it’s really worrisome.

What worries me is that we hear more and more about juvenile prostitution, whether it is online or in more prostitution rings, in neighbourhoods, schools, homes. Mainly girls, family breakdown, running away, foster family, home, peer pressure, falling for the wrong guy, etc.

It’s often not a roadside networks, but the damage and violence it causes is terrible. There are very few reports to the police. It is a phenomenon that is growing, and for which we have no answer. Nobody chooses prostitution, especially children.

The punishment for sexual abusing children aren’t strong enough. For example, a boy of just 8 years old was sexually assaulted by his father-in-law a hundred times over the years. His aggressor now only faces a four-year penitentiary sentence. The 53-year-old Montrealer pleaded guilty last month to four counts of sexual contact and incitement to sexual touching. The crimes took place from 1998 to 2007 in Montreal. Even when they admit guilt, the punishment isn’t strong enough. Crown Attorney Anne-Marie Omann told Justice Anne-Marie Lanctôt that she intended to apply for a four-year prison term, the minimum sentence for these crimes. This sentence was part of the negotiations between the parties for the accused to plead guilty, explained Omann to the judge last May.


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