Getting a tattoo when you have Fibromyalgia

What you should know if you are considering getting a tattoo when you have Fibromyalgia. I recently got a new tattoo and wanted to share my experience. I already had two tattoos. This wasn’t my first experience.

I got my first ink when I was 18 years old. The tattoo artist was talking to her coworker and I was lying on a table while she worked on tattooing a small dragon that my brother had drawn on my right ankle. I fell asleep.

I got my second tattoo years later with coworkers. It was a much larger tattoo on my back. It hurt a bit, but not that much. I was told that I have high pain tolerance. I guess that’s a good thing because I was going to develop Fibromyalgia in a few years time.

I recently decided to go for a third tattoo. One that had meaning for my illnesses. I got three butterflies with the words ”Always keep fighting” underneath. Each butterfly represent one struggle. The first represents Fibromyalgia. The second represents Graves Disease. The last represents mental health. It’s beautiful and I’m very happy I did it. The difference is the pain level. This time the tattoo hurt so much I almost broke my husband’s hand. I barely made it through. I never experience this kind of pain getting a tattoo before. My entire leg hurt. I was limping when it was over. The Fibromyalgia changed the level of pain I experience.

So if you are thinking of getting inked and you have Fibromyalgia, please take your pain meds with you and be ready in case you have a similar experience to mine.


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