Borderline personality disorder

For people living with borderline personality disorder, daily hypersensitivity is very intense and exhausting. A roller coaster of feelings succeed one another without leaving room for emotional neutrality. It is often misunderstood for other mental illness such a bipolarity or depression.

Everything is always vividly felt, both for positive and negative thoughts. The simple embarrassment is rather experienced as extreme shame, sadness as despair, joy as euphoria, irritation as rage. All of these emotions are so powerful that they create a lot of anxiety and guilt. For some, they feel so deeply that when the moment passes they have no memory of height of their emotions.

These people are very easily devalued and their visions of themselves can become pejorative with speed. Anxiety disorders and depression are common, in addition to the other paralyzing symptoms they experience.

It is very difficult to have this constant fear that everything will change in a few moments, without being able to control its reactions to events. Oscillating between extremes like depression, anxiety, euphoria, despair, shame, or anger is not at all obvious.

A feeling of emptiness arises as often as a total absence of emotions, desires and connections with oneself and others. Between periods of hypersensitivity and emptiness, the days of a person with borderline personality disorder are really demanding, physically and mentally.

The fear of abandonment, which affects these people intensely, can create horrible emotions and greatly increase everything they think and feel. Sometimes, with this overflowing of sudden feelings that strikes them suddenly, they experience a state of dissociation. This state occurs because the feelings are too painful and powerful. They become intolerable.

Dissociation can take different forms, and in the end, it becomes another source of devaluation for these people. In our society they are portrayed with so much prejudices and psycho-phobia that they come to firmly believe all these vile things about them. A strong misunderstanding of their conditions gravitates around her and isolates them further, which only hurts their health and well-being. It is important to never judge the emotions of people living with borderline personality disorder.

Experiencing strong feelings and symptoms every day as they do requires a lot of energy. They show resilience and strength out of the ordinary. They are generally unaware of this, unfortunately, since they only know the consequences of this systemic psycho-phobia that imposes bad ideas of their own.

People with borderline personality disorder are not bad and dangerous. Their emotions are valid and they do not deserve to be stigmatized and singled out. They deserve to be listened to, supported, surrounded, loved and understood. Never to be abused, isolated, denigrated, judged, stereotyped and abandoned.


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