Stay away from jealous individuals

It is better to stay away from jealous individuals. This kind of toxic individual who is more interested in comparing your life to theirs or/and judging every decision you make. They makes every effort to find out about you and what you are doing. She or he may even spies on you for the purpose of imitating you, criticizing you or hurting you. If you need to know how to recognize a jealous person, try to detect those around you who have this behaviour.

The jealous person will try more or less to harm you according to the intensity of his feelings. If you do not know how to recognize a jealous person, you will have trouble identifying them in your surroundings before it’s too late. The envious are secretly happy when you make mistakes, when you fail or when you are in a bad situation. There are some who have the courage to show you clearly, while others rejoice secretly. But how to recognize a jealous person who hides his game? One way or another, She or he will find a way to let you know, because she or he can not help it.

If someone who says they are a friend makes a grin, sparkling eyes, shows false sadness or a honeyed tone when bad things happen to you, it’s a sign that they are jealous.

If that same person whom you consider to be your best friend is always there to support you in bad times, but she or he is never present to share the opportunities for happiness with you, ask yourself why. Know how to read between the lines, it is possible that it is jealous of you.

Often, jealous individuals will hide to spread gossip. It’s a way of nurturing one’s hate and freeing oneself from frustration. The gossip leads to resentment and creates an unhealthy barrier between people. So, do not hesitate to go to this type of individual and to open the dialogue in order to make disappear the misunderstandings.


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