I didn’t choose depression

I didn’t choose depression. No one chooses depression. I did not wish that darkness and suffering enters my life. No one wishes to suffer from depression, a mental illness that makes life even more difficult than it already is.

We all have my own battles. People with who are open about their depression aren’t looking for attention or your indulgence, only your understanding and support without judgments or blame.

Depression is one of the most misunderstood disease due to an overwhelming amount of very real social stigma. There are those who trivialize it, and those who link it to fragility or lack of courage when in fact, no one can really understand the internal battles and the courage that the depressive needs to get up from his bed and open a window on a new day. So you ever wonder why most people have so much trouble putting themselves in the shoes of the person who suffers from depression? Mental illnesses are the big misunderstood, and are on the ground of the absurd and the irrational beliefs.

According to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), depression will be the leading cause of disability worldwide in 2030.

Unfortunately depression still remains one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose, and which generates the most feelings of social isolation and misunderstanding in the patient.

It is clear that a good social network and the quality of day-to-day interactions are key factors for the treatment of this disease. For some, medication is also necessary. It is my case.


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  1. Thank you for your transparency. It’s difficult to share with others. There’s a fear of being ostracized or misunderstood which could lead to more depression. How do you, (if you do) explain that to your friends and family?

    1. I think it’s important to have one friend that you can tell everything without filters. Family, honestly, took me longer to open up. Yet, when I did, my brother also admitted that he went through the same thing.

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