Sometimes I hate people

Sometimes I hate people. Sometimes my fate in humanity is dangerously close to nil. This week it’s not the news or my social media feeds that are getting to me. This week it’s the people I crossed paths with while shopping for school supplies and clothes with my teenage daughter that have me feeling discouraged.

As you are probably already aware, I have Fibromyalgia. Walking or standing is difficult and painful for me. Everyday activities such as shopping are challenging. Things that people take for granted aren’t so easily accessible for people dealing with chronic illnesses.

The first evening, I was using my shopping cart as a walker. I was in a lot of pain and was dealing with a lot of inflammation. I didn’t look my best. My face showed my distress. To my surprise I caught an adult couple pointing and laughing at me. I realized in that moment that I looked like one of those people that people make fun at Walmart. I was having a good time with my daughter despite the pain and these people somehow thought it was okay to make fun of me.

The second evening, we stopped to have my daughter’s glasses fixed and a man very loudly said to his wife to look at the future pregnant teenager. The only reason for that comment I can think off is that my daughter colours her hair. Thankfully his wife reprimanded him before I had time to react.

Sometimes I hate people. What is with people thinking they can judge and share their negativity with the world? Where has respect and decorum gone?


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  1. Respect and politeness has certainly disappeared and not what it used to be, sadly.
    But I have had very rarer moments that remind me that there are some descent people still out there.

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