Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate among mental health disorders. It’s time that we take this issue seriously. People affected by eating disorders can not afford to wait. The incidence of children (younger and younger) with eating disorders is rising at an alarming rate.

Eating disorders are much more common than you think. When mental illnesses are left untreated, they can become chronic and ongoing.

The problem is that society is obsess with the idea that thin means healthy, which is not always the case. We are also obsess with the idea of beauty. It is also that eating disorders are often overlooked or not taken seriously. I even had a doctor tell me when I was in college that I should think about anorexia, it could be good for me. Are you kidding me?! This is a very dangerous message to pass to a young girl.

One thing you can do is mind your own food. It is amazing how often I see people looking at what others are eating and passing comments.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate among mental health disorders. Here are some information on the 3 main eating disorder, but please note that they are more of them.

Anorexia involves self-starvation

The body is denied the essential nutrients it needs to function normally. It is forced to slow down all of its processes to conserve energy. This process can have serious medical consequences.


It is a condition where you think a lot about your body weight and shape. People who struggle with bulimia frequently have intense feelings of guilt and/or shame. It affects your ability to have a healty eating pattern. Individual often ping pongs between dieting and binge eating.

Binge eating disorder

It is a severe, life-threatening and treatable eating disorder. It is characterized by recurrent episodes of eating large quantities of food. It’s a feeling of a loss of control during the binge. Individuals who suffer from this eating disorder experience shame, distress or guilt afterwards. Sometimes they resort to purging to counter the binge eating.


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